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Well, I know there are so many people who’ve successfully let go of the stable job trap and managed to fund their ceaseless travels nevertheless. I have to admit I have wondered like I’m sure so many of you all must have as well, at some point in time or the other. And yet my circumstances don’t allow me that leisure – well, not yet! And till I figure out how, I am balancing out my quite frequent travels against a not-measly-by-any-means-and-yet-not-even-close-to-decadent corporate pay cheque. You’d be amazed at how much you’d save up on those bucks that single-handedly have the power (unfortunately!) to infuse new life into those travel plans of yours.

So here goes how I achieve it, for no matter how set back I am, being on the roads is my first nature.

  • Let go of those shopping binges! It does you no harm to repeat a certain set of clothes like forever. If you’re a true blue wanderer, that hardly should be a bother. Ladies, I know how it breaks your heart to let go of those delectable heels in those glamorous shop windows, but trust me, that sense of restlessness wears off soon – all right, you learn to swallow it – when you buy yourself a night at some eco-lodge in some desert in Rajasthan!
  • Cut out on those weekend clubbing sprees. Sets you back by so many of those precious bucks you could instead use buying a hot cuppa on some remote hilltop! If at all, cosy out with a bunch of those ol’ buddies at home, dump in a few mattresses, some good music, and those hard drinks. Yeah, house parties are what am talking of. Bring em’ on!
  • Be stern with your taste buds! You’d do good to avoid those cravings to eat out, splurge, or allow even a tad of luxury to your palate. Think of it as an austerity that Moksha – to be earned of travel – merits!
  • No movies – not in theatres! Yes, if you one of the very picky ones, should be easier for you. If not, you’d do well to get really highly selective about those big-screeners. I assure you, you’ll hardly miss ’em very soon. May be once in a blue moon for one of those sensible movies. You’ll be surprised how much you’d end up saving on those mindless popcorn, tacos, and beverage combinations.
  • Quit the gym. I’m aware I’m treading quite the opposite direction of most. This one’s a bit tough. But ultra effective. Specially for the adrenaline junkie in you! Quit the gym and get going with your very own in-house exercise regime. Those places more often than not fleece your monthly salary anyway. But the clincher here would undoubtedly be your fitness, leaving you that much better equipped to take on those unexpected and yet promising adventures that show up on your cherished outings.
  • Keep that gadget-freak in check. You frankly do not need that new phone on the block, now do you? Weigh it against the thrill of the wind in your hair when you ride out. If still that’s a weakness, you probably aren’t as connected to the traveler spirit as you claim to yourself!
  • Learn to cook and sustain yourself. You could be draining away those precious bucks on recruiting a cook for yourself. For those who do, well it may seem daunting at first to let go and depend solely on one’s own at-times-not-quite-there culinary skills. Been there. Trust me, it’s easier done than said! And I’ve found whipping up experimental dishes for myself to be such a stress buster and a welcome break from the same old recipes doing the rounds of my table!

Keep saving, stay outdoors, on the road.

May you attain Moksha!