About Me

The sky pregnant with rain shrieks out to me

Lightning sundering it apart, painful ecstasy

Sound follows light, through my eyes into me

The tilled earth exhales, its bosom heavy

That’s what I am, that’s all I ever seek.

                                                – Self

English-lover. ardent traveller. in love. wannabe gypsy. hungry reader. a child. for equality.. well a feminist. reluctant adult. eccentrically normal. dreamer!

Typing away at my office desk, familiar is the sense of despair that grabs me by my senses every few days. And no matter how hard pressed I am for leaves, or more importantly – budget, there I find myself, out on the road – somehow!

Awaiting the next burst of life-infusing road time, I more often than not find myself looking up charts and maps and blogs to find my next destination that’d bring a whiff of fresh breath, the miles under my wheels and layers of dust all over me. All right, a bit dramatic there!



2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I will be in India next year and I will be travelling alot. If you are available and if you wish, you can guide me. Thats entirely up to you. Or you can guide me around your city for the day. Your expenses will be paid. Out of curiosity how old are you? More about me later. Or just delete this and you wont hear from me. I am Indian by the way.


    • Hey,
      Thanks for dropping in the message.
      As well as I’d love to, my lifestyle does not permit me to personally take you around a city. (I’m mostly not in the city anymore, for one!)
      However, I’ll be most glad to help you out with some great itineraries suiting your time of visit, budget, interests, and other factors. 🙂 Let me know.

      Also, it’d be nice if you left a proper email address and website/blog (if any) of yours, and of course your name!


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