Bringing in X’mas at the ol’ churches of Delhi


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An impromptu plan and we were off today. The churches of Delhi had called out to us to drown in the Christmas din!

St. James Church

St. James Church, or Skinner’s Church, wrapped in mist

A cold Delhi winter morning welcomed us into its open arms as we zoomed out past New Delhi and even past the old, till we reached the Kashmere Gate. Continue reading


Landour #1: Love beyond the Queen of the Hills


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I had always contemplated taking whomsoever he would be – to that serenity. To let him know me better. And to let that place temper me down enough to let me try and understand the person in return. So I led him by the hand – to Landour, a little hill town from the colonial past – a walk beyond Mussoorie.DSC_0321

Alighting from the overnight train, I soaked in the encompassing familiarity. The Dehradun railway station hadn’t changed a bit since the first time I’d ever visited it – a distant first visit I don’t recall now. That little station whose first platform wasn’t across the entrance like most, but started a little ahead of where the station offices ended. That station where the 1st and 2nd platforms sufficed almost always. Continue reading

Kashmir #4: Impressions I take back – Srinagar


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In the day gone by, I had discovered it’s easy to drown in the beauty that I find myself wallowing in – willingly. A day of discovering a new people, a way of life – a floating life, and watching that familiar sun washing everything golden on its way down (Read: Kashmir #2: A golden sunset on the Nigeen) and then as it shone again after a clear starlit night.Colorful-jewelry-on-the-Nigeen As time approached to head out to the next destination, I felt a slight pain in my heart, as if something was tugging at it – a frantic desperation. Continue reading

An evening date with the Taj


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Picture15Isn’t everyday that raw passion for a human beckons you to the road! Well that’s what happened that day. On another sunny summer morning, me and the man I call life were headed to another day apart, towards our respective workplaces. The unmistakable undercurrents between the driver and the passenger needed no words, as our vehicle gobbled up the kilometers even as we strained against our reluctance! Continue reading

Kashmir #3: At the floating market on the Dal.. at 4 am!


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Nigeen-22-silhouetteIt was the boatman’s excited suggestion, whilst on our sunset shikara ride on the Nigeen lake (Read: Kashmir #2: A golden sunset on the Nigeen). Perhaps he was used to witnessing such photography freaks frequently, those that quite literally start jumping all around at the mere mention of something as promising. For he didn’t chuckle. Not even when Continue reading